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Every month starting August 1st 2016

Special Download Campaign to Nonprofit,Churches,Schools for .10 per download up to $100,000 for up to  One Million Downloads of the MDIN Mobile Phone Application.New Availability starts January 1st 2018

The MDIN Phone Application will be the primary contact for the MDIN Internet Radio and MDIN Channel1 Tv.
The following social advertising is scheduled for the next 12 months
1) Special Advertising to 12 Million Individuals
2) Special promotional Email Messaging to 1 million opt in users
3) Special Tweet message on twitter to 95,000
4) Special Text Messaging to 10,000 Paragraph

The League of Extraordinary Experts

The League of Extraordinary Experts is Opening November 6th 2017 . MDIN Media Group wants to work with 25 experts across the country to push their content through the MDIN Media Group Distribution Points. This group is entered by invitation or nomination. If you have received an Invitation click on the League meeting tab to set up an appointment to discuss details. The League Members will be announced December 4th  2017 for the MDIN Media content year starting January 4, 2018.

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