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We are The Million Dollar Idea Network

For a special Time Only: Any Nonprofit or Church, Civic Organization that registers on the application will receive a special tracking number that can be given to their members. Their members,friends and anybody use this number to register to receive the MDIN Mobile Application link when its  available.  Each registered  individual that downloads the app to their phone, their organization will receive .50/ ten cents up to $100,000

The Million Dollar Idea Network
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Million Dollar Idea Network

What is the Million Dollar Idea Network?

The Million Dollar Idea Network is the brain child Mr. Charlie Childs Jr.
Mr. Childs is the host of the the Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show now in its 7th year with over 500 episodes with over 65,000 listeners across the country in 36 Cities and now internationally in 5 countries.

Originally started in May of 2008 as a radio show to review the latest in business and technology. It quickly become a vehicle for Mr. Childs to encourage, motivate, teach and coach about the things of life. "It is not about the money." "It is about having total success in your Spirit, Soul/ Mind and Body." Charlie Childs Jr Drawing on some of the teachings of great originators like Earl Nightingale "The Strangest Secret", Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Effective People". He also takes from his experience of being a residential counselor for children for over 6 yrs a Father for 20+ yrs,
Mr. Childs has over 15yrs, working in the Financial Industry. He has helped 100's of families with Insurance, Business Planning, Education Savings, Real Estate and Wealth Planning.

Mr. Childs is a Christian and teaches Christian concepts about budgeting and life planning and business Mr. Childs is a social media expert that instructs on using cutting edge technology for networking and business expansion. He educates on controlling your media in public. He teaches about being intentional in what you feed your Spirit, Mind/Soul and Body to be successful in life.

Mr. Childs has taken his experience of life and expanded it to MDIN Radio. MDIN Radio will allow Mr. Childs to expand resources for Business, Nonprofits and individuals to utilize for their success.

MDIN Radio is about helping you get to  Personal Victory.
MDIN Radio is about starting where ever you are right Now!
MDIN Radio is about equipping you with the latest information for Social Media, technology, family relationships and business.
MDIN Radio is about showing how to get the Best Quality of Life
MDIN Radio is about being intentional what you feed your Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body
MDIN Radio is about "Getting you across the finish line, Getting you to the Top of the Mountain, because we are all suppose to win" Charlie Childs Jr.

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